Waouh ! What's the matter ???

I’d like to talk briefly about choosing a partner for life. There are 3 points I’d like to make.
– First of all, I’d like to tell you why people must choose a partner for life.
– Secondly, how to do if you like to have a good partner
– Then, I’d like to give you a solution.
I’d like to turn first to choosing a partner for life. As we all know, choosing a partner is difficult for young people, but it’s necessary too. It’s very necessary for life. But you must choose. When you have a problem, you can tell that with your partner. When arrived the stress on the job or on the study, for example, you can call your partner and “he” or “she” will be there. “Just call my name and I’ll be there … to comfort you”, accords to Mariah Carrey.
When you here a radio, RTA for Antsirabe, some people send messages to have one partner. It’s the same to the internet. People send messages with e-mail or a chat. The reasons! People say that choosing a partner for life is necessary, it’s natural. And we must also bear in mind that God create people “man” and “women”.

The next issue, I’d like to focus on, is the advantage to have a good partner. A partner is the person who always present for you, in your good or bad situation. Although, the partner is not here, we must not forget that you are present in his mind.
Generally, young people start dating around the age of 16. That means, young people need to know our partner before to get married. They want to know if “her” or “his” partner is good, serious and cool. On the one hand, that’s true because it makes a cuple in good relationship. In addition, it’s necessary to evitate the separation, the divorce after. But on the other hand it’s make people was able to lie. I believe that you agree with that.
You must have first a good idea. So, try to find what partner you would like for life. Give the opportunity for your partner to know you: what do you believe what do you think, do you drink, and do you smock, and do you like a party in the night club…

Then, choosing a partner for life depends on you. On the one hand, you must choose, but on the other hand it’s not necessary to choose because it’s depends to the situation. Some people has a date and married with someone who she or he detest. Sometimes, people married with arrangement, with love.
In conclusion, I’d like to reiterate the fact that choosing a good partner for life is necessary. But you must pa attention. Try to do it.



  1. I think the idea of choosing a partner for life is a wonderful idea, but with rare exception, I don’t think most people are able to make those choices until they have lived a little and gotten some real life experience under their belts to know who they are and what they really want.

    Too often, people have an over-romanticized idea of what a relationship « looks like. » In real life, things just don’t work that way. You have to get real. Relationships should not be so difficult, but neither are they easy.

    This idea of living to complete someone else, or someone else living to complete you, is a disaster on a race track. Two people have to be complete in themselves to be truly supportive to one another, otherwise things become too easily imbalanced.

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  3. Merci beaucoup, c’est gentil de votre part !Nous esprons tous trouver les meilleurs, tout d’abord pour soi-mme et ensuite pour les autres, surtout pour celle ou celui qu’on aime.


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